February 22, 2012 05:00 PM

Courtesy City Hearts

Considering his Glee character has been on both sides of the bullying spectrum, it’s not surprising that Max Adler is looking to end the epidemic once and for all. The star recently teamed with L.A.’s City Hearts, an organization that promotes confidence in kids through the arts, to launch the ‘Max’s A-B-C Initiative: Anti-Bullying through City Hearts.’ “If we educate today’s youth to stand up for one another and treat each other equally and with mutual respect, regardless of gender, creed, wealth, status or sexual orientation, we can turn bullying into a thing of the past,” Adler says. “My goal is to inspire kids to ‘Be Brave Enough to Be Kind.'” To help the cause — and get a free T-shirt (logo at left) — visit cityhearts.org, donate $27 or more and use code PEOPLE at checkout. To enter to win a chance to meet Adler for lunch in Los Angeles (transportation not included), donate $47 by Friday; and feel free to give any amount you can to help support the campaign.

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