The Girls actress goes blonde

By jencress
Updated February 21, 2013 06:00 PM

Jessica Miglio

Is that you, Shoshanna? Not only did Girls star Zosia Mamet go blonde, but she’s also dressing like she walked right off a runway. Basically, she looks nothing like her preppy character on the hit HBO show.

First, let’s talk hair: After subtly lightening her chestnut tresses back in January, the actress decided to go even blonder. She showed off her freshly dyed locks on the Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday.

Moving on to that outfit. While we think her Sex and the City-obsessed character would lust over this fashion-forward floral Honor jumpsuit, Shoshanna would just admire it from afar, never working up the courage to rock it. (She’s more of a Charlotte than a Carrie, after all. But you know, with a touch of Samantha.)

Another very un-Shoshanna aspect of the actress’s look? Her matte red lip. Quite the departure from the squeaky clean makeup she typically appears in on Girls.

Okay, we recognize that actresses don’t have to be and dress just like the characters they play, but we have to admit this did give us pause and leave us wondering if Shoshanna is going to get a major season three makeover. Turns out that’s not the explanation behind Mamet’s hair transformation; she ditched her brunette locks not for Girls, but for her new play Really, Really. Phew. We like Shosh just the way she is. Tell us: Do you like Mamet or Shoshanna’s style better?

–Jennifer Cress