Gina Rodriguez Goes Blonde in the Name of Science

The brunette actress is now a certified honey blonde.


Gina Rodriguez/Instagram

There’s this rumor floating around out there that of all the many hair colors a woman can have, it’s the blondes who are having the most fun. And while there’s been no hard and fast research to back up that statement definitively, it does seem to hold some observational weight, with more traditionally brunette stars than we can count ditching their dark locks and turning into a towhead for summer. And now one more star has joined their ranks– Gina Rodriguez just went a golden shade of honey blonde, all in the name of science, of course.

The Jane the Virgin star showed off her freshly dyed blonde locks on Thursday via an off-kilter selfie where she’s wearing thick-framed red sunglasses and sticking her tongue out to the side with a few strands of her new do casually brushed across one eye. The actress captioned the shot, “I mean I did have fun as a brunette…” anticipating all the supposed merriment in store for her in the very near future.

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Her transition into a full-blown blonde bombshell was done by Stacy Heitman at the Sally Hershberger Salon in West Hollywood. The colorist appears to have left Gina’s dark roots totally intact, giving this look a sort of built-in, grown-out cool factor.

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Judging from this single askew Instagram snap, it appears the actress is already having a ball with her new do, but we’ll just have to wait until she collects all her data, drafts her scatter plots, and the final results are in to know definitively who amongst us is having the most quantifiable fun.

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–Emily Kirkpatrick

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