Gigi Hadid Is 'Realistic' About Her Post-Baby Body: 'I'm Obviously Not Going to Be a Size Zero'

The supermodel said she didn't feel pressure to lose weight before shooting the March 2021 cover of Vogue, 10 weeks after giving birth

Gigi Hadid for Vogue
Photo: Ethan James Green/Vogue

Gigi Hadid agreed to pose for the cover of the March 2021 issue of Vogue just 10 weeks after welcoming daughter Khai with her boyfriend Zayn Malik. Despite the wide-spread attention that comes with fronting the legendary fashion magazine, the supermodel told Vogue she was "realistic" about her post-baby body and didn't force herself to lose weight before the shoot.

"I know that I'm not as small as I was before, but I also am a very realistic thinker," Hadid, 25, said in the cover story. "I straight up was like, 'Yeah, I'll shoot a Vogue cover, but I'm obviously not going to be a size 0,' nor do I, at this point, feel like I need to be back to that."

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Reflecting on the recent push for more diversity and inclusion in the industry, Hadid added, "I also think it's a blessing of this time in fashion that anyone who says that I have to be that can suck it."

The new mom said she doesn't feel pressure to load up her schedule with modeling gigs either. "I'm veering toward things that feel more stable than being in a different country every week," she explained.

Instead, she's swapping her jet-setting ways for a laid back life on the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania.

"I think she'll definitely be raised here," the star said of Khai. "The greenery and the farm-y lifestyle are similar to what made me feel really centered as a kid, and I think that's really important to Zayn and me."

"I think that just giving your child the opportunity to explore different interests is such a beautiful thing," she continued, opening up about how they plan to teach their daughter about different religions. "My dad's Muslim, and my mom grew up celebrating Christmas. I felt like I was allowed to learn about every religion when I was a kid. I think it's good to take different pieces of different religions that you connect with, and I think that's how we'll do that."

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"I think that [Malik and I] both want our daughter to understand fully all of her background—and also we want to prepare her. If someone does say something to her at school, we want to give her the tools to understand why other kids would do that and where that comes from."

During the interview, Hadid also detailed Khai's delivery for the first time. She opted against a hospital check-in during the pandemic, and instead planned for a natural home birth, setting up an inflatable bath in their bedroom. She proudly called herself an "animal woman" for braving through the pain, and said she wanted a "peaceful bringing to the world" for her first child.

"When you see someone do that, you look at them a bit differently. I probably looked crazy, actually," Hadid explained, sharing that Malik, mom Yolanda, sister Bella, a midwife and her assistant were by her side.

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Ethan James Green/Vogue

She also revealed that her former One Direction boyfriend caught their baby during delivery: "It didn't even click that she was out. I was so exhausted, and I looked up and he's holding her. It was so cute." Hadid adds that Malik felt "helpless" seeing her in pain. "Z was like, 'That's how I felt! You feel so helpless to see the person you love in pain,' " she says.

"Afterward, Z and I looked at each other and we're like, 'We can have some time before we do that again!'"

The March 2021 issue of Vogue is on newsstands Feb. 16.

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