Gigi Hadid Speaks Out About Plastic Surgery Rumors: It's 'the Power of Makeup'

The supermodel credits precise makeup application and contouring techniques for her changing looks

Gigi Hadid’s Guide to Post-Pregnancy Skin Care and Contouring
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Gigi Hadid is putting plastic surgery rumors to rest.

The supermodel, 25, admits that her look has changed since she's been in the spotlight walking red carpets and high fashion runways, but it isn't because of plastic surgery — it's all thanks to makeup.

"When I look back on my first red carpets when I didn't have makeup artists I would obviously do my own makeup. Now it's like, people pull up those pictures and are like, 'Oh, Gigi's nose looks different in these pictures than now,'" Hadid said in a Beauty Secrets video filmed for Vogue.

"Or, they'll talk about something with my face. Like, 'This has changed on Gigi.' It's really like, that's the power of makeup," she explained. "Like, I've never done anything to my face."

Hadid said that over the years, by working with some of the best makeup artists in the business, she's learned to "contour in certain places" and "put bronzer in some places" to give a herself a more structured look.

"I would just put it everywhere," she said of her old makeup application technique. "Then it just looks, it's all one shape."

The model previously dispelled plastic surgery rumors during a Maybelline New York Instagram Live makeup tutorial last May.

"People think I do fillers on my face and that's why my face is round," Hadid said. "I have had cheeks since I was born."

She continued, "No, for those wondering, I've never injected anything into my face. I am so happy for everyone to do whatever they want that makes them happy and makes them feel more comfortable and good about themselves. Me personally, it terrifies me. I feel I'm too much of a control freak. I'm like, 'What if it goes wrong?'"

Hadid also explained that her face had gotten bigger during her pregnancy, which she kept under wraps while walking in high-profile fashion shows across Paris, Los Angeles and New York City in January, February and early March of last year.

Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik, 28, welcomed their first child, daughter Khai, in Sept. 2020. In a new interview for Vogue's March 2021 issue (which Hadid posed for 10 weeks after giving birth), the model told the magazine that she was "realistic" about her post-baby body and didn't force herself to lose weight before the shoot.

"I know that I'm not as small as I was before, but I also am a very realistic thinker," Hadid said in the cover story. "I straight up was like, 'Yeah, I'll shoot a Vogue cover, but I'm obviously not going to be a size 0,' nor do I, at this point, feel like I need to be back to that."

Reflecting on the recent push for more diversity and inclusion in the industry, Hadid added, "I also think it's a blessing of this time in fashion that anyone who says that I have to be that can suck it."

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Gigi Hadid and daughter Khai. Yolanda Hadid/Instagram

These days the new mom doesn't feel pressure to load up her schedule with modeling gigs either. "I'm veering toward things that feel more stable than being in a different country every week," she explained.

Instead, she's swapping her jet-setting ways for a laid back life on the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania.

"I think she'll definitely be raised here," the star said of Khai. "The greenery and the farm-y lifestyle are similar to what made me feel really centered as a kid, and I think that's really important to Zayn and me."

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