Gigi Hadid Splits the Crotch of Her Pants, Does a Quick Patch Job in the Limo, Shares a Photo With the World

The model prove she is a woman of many talents

Over the course of her brief, yet insanely high-profile modeling career, Gigi Hadid has proven she is a woman of many talents. Of course, she can stomp the catwalk with the best of them and has enough iconic faces to put Derek Zoolander to shame, but she also has a number of gifts outside of the field of wearing clothing professionally. For example, she almost became a pro volleyball player instead of a world famous model, she’s a whiz in the kitchen, she designs entire collections for Tommy Hilfiger, and she and her sister Bella are certified karaoke champions. And as she revealed on Instagram, she can also moonlight as a tailor in a pinch should the need arise.

Gigi and Bella Hadid are seen arriving at Fendi Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week
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Before walking the Fendi show, Gigi took a stroll around Milan, fittingly wearing a full look from the brand’s Resort collection consisting of a coordinated hot pink plaid overcoat and tight high-waisted pants that she paired with a white, cropped tank top, white leather ankle boots by Stuart Weitzman and rectangular, lightly tinted Linda Farrow X Dries Van Noten sunglasses.

Gigi Hadid/Instagram

While you would think it would be that heavy winter jacket in the midst of a 75° day that would be the mistake of this particular ensemble, it was actually those super-fitted trousers. Gigi posted a shot on Instagram Stories of the hole in the crotch of her pants that she had to quickly sew up herself, writing, “Just had to stitch my pants in the car, an interesting experience thanks to the cobblestone streets of Milan.”

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Though Gigi blamed the city’s streets for her little wardrobe malfunction, it seems it could have just as easily been caused by a video she shot for Love magazine’s Katie Grand earlier that day.

In a video Grand posted to her account, Gigi, Kendall, and Hailey each pretend to be various types of plants while answering a litany of pressing either/or questions that none of them seem to be able to agree upon. These are scintillating queries which include: sprinklers or hoses, apples or pears, feathers or wood, and weeping willow or oak. The whole thing quickly breaks down, however, as Jenner’s rocking bush transforms into a tumbleweed, losing her balance and somersaulting towards the camera. All of which we’re sure is just Love‘s elaborate prelude to the big reveal of their latest lingerie-centric holiday Advent Calendar video featuring these three young ladies starring as very sexy, scantily-clad flora.

Do you have Gigi’s tailoring skills? What’s your trick for dealing with ripped pants in public? Sound off below!

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