Gigi Hadid on Her Risky Red Carpet Style: I Want People to 'Love or Hate It'

"You don't want anyone to feel neutral about what you wear," she shares

Gigi Hadid may have a specific street style formula (jeans + a tee + a monogrammed jacket), but when it comes to her red carpet looks the 21-year-old model likes to take risks. In fact, she doesn’t care what people think of her outfits as long as they elicit some kind of a reaction.

“I try to go for more like people are either going to love or hate it,” she tells PeopleStyle in the clip above of her envelope-pushing style mantra. “I don’t want anyone to feel neutral about what you wear.”

“I think being a little bit nervous about an outfit isn’t that bad,” Hadid also shares during our interview. “Something that were to make me very excited to see on the rack doesn’t mean that I’m right away comfortable about when I put it on. But I think that the excitement kind of inspires you and they kind of work together.”

The model-of-the-moment adds that those nerves usually lead to an outfit that turns heads.

“If you’re really excited about it then it makes it less scary and hopefully that’s what makes statements in the end,” she says.

And since we’ve never felt neutral about any of Hadid’s red carpet risks, we had to ask her to reflect on some of her favorites.

At Australia’s Emirates Cup in 2014, the model dressed for the races in a pink mini and a statement fascinator that was totally out of her comfort zone.

“I kind of was a little bit scared of the head-piece idea so I went for what I thought was kind of a modern take on the head-piece which was my shooting star hat,” she says. “I had a lot of fun wearing that. It was really cool.”

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For her look at the Daily Front Row‘s Fashion Los Angeles Awards, Hadid said she immediately gravitated to the white sheer Yanina Couture dress when it was hanging on the rack, but needed to find the right bodysuit to wear underneath it.

“I just kinda wanted to go with natural beachy hair and natural makeup,” she adds. “Kind of beachy goddess vibe.”

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One of her standout looks of the year was her custom Tommy Hilfiger dress she wore to the Met Gala, which Hadid calls “my baby.”

“This is a dress that I drew in my hotel in Paris with the Tommy team and I just wanted it to be kind of like if you were to make a human robot, what would she wear to a ball,” she shares. “An Zayn just wants to be a superhero so he just decided to do that. I loved it!”

At the 2015 VMAs, Hadid says she was first drawn to the marigold shade of her Emilia Wickstead bodysuit-dress hybrid.

“I’d just gotten back from vacation so I was very tan and I just wanted a dress that went well with that,” she says.

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And her most shocking look of 2016 might have been that time she swapped hair colors with her best friend Kendall Jenner at the Balmain show in March.

“Kenny and I did the Balmain show earlier that day and we changed hair colors for the show,” Hadid explains. “Then we asked if we could keep them for the after party so we kept our wigs on all day and kind of just went as twin barbies. I don’t know if we planned the pink outfits but I think we just both really liked the pink color of that collection and we did it together. Great minds think a like.”

Let’s be honest: A #KenGi style moment is what we’re all here for.

For more on Gigi’s style, pick up the new issue of People on newsstands everywhere Friday. And tune in to the American Music Awards on November 20 to watch her co-host in style!

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