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Your news feeds may be fueled with posts surrounding Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s on-again, off-again relationship status, but it’s time to take a pause to check out her latest work —
Versace ad campaign! Hadid stars alongside Karlie Kloss in new mommy-centric photos, plus we have more major campaign news including Cara Delevingne’s (naked!) modeling gig and Kate Bosworth’s new ambassadorship with Pinko, below!

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First up, Versace’s fall/winter 2016 campaign. Yes, we know it’s crazy to think about fall when you’re still putting your sweaters in storage, but the photos are too good to wait. Famed photographer Bruce Weber reunited with Donatella Versace for the first time in 17 years to photograph a family-centric shoot featuring Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss posing as chic moms on-the-go in Chicago.

Karlie Kloss Versace

Bruce Weber

“When I first spoke with Donatella about going to Chicago she said, simply, ‘yes, let’s pack up and go!’ Donatella has always been an adventurer and not only does she treat me like a prince, she treats me like family and the feeling is mutual,” Weber says of the designer. “The most important thing to me, after all these years, is that we can still laugh together.” Weber also shot a campaign video, which is set to launch during the brand’s menswear show in June.

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Cara Delevingne recently cleared up any rumors that she was retreating from the modeling industry (and landed a new Rimmel London contract to prove it). And now for her latest gig she’s posing nude (with strategically-placed body paint) to raise awareness of the malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species for the organization, I’m Not a Trophy.

To do her part, she poses in multiple photos with cheetah, lion, gorilla, zebra and elephant sketches printed on her skin. The brand explains the photos address both a memorial of the hunted species while also empowering young women.

And finally, Kate Bosworth is adding a new gig to her style résumé as the fall 2016 collection ambassador for the Italian brand, Pinko. “I am thrilled to collaborate with PINKO, a sophisticated brand with a playful approach to fashion,” she said in a press release. And she backs up her statement saying her “favorite” of the brand are the Shine Baby Shine sneakers. “They create a real wow factor,” she adds.

Kate Bosworth Pinko


Fittingly, the all-American actress joins the brand when PINKO is set to debut its first two flagship stores in N.Y.C. (opening later in 2016).

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— Colleen Kratofil