All the Scoop on Gigi Hadid's 'Rock-and-Roll Barbie' Suit Straight from Her New Stylist

The supermodel is going through a style transformation.

Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear Collection Launch Party, Arrivals, New York, USA - 27 Jun 2017
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Gigi Hadid‘s pink rocker suit seen around the world (or at least around the Instaverse) is one of the most head-turning looks the supermodel has worn this year. It marks a shift in Hadid’s style (some PeopleStyle editors are calling it a “Pantspocalypse”) as the 22-year-old star is gravitating towards more seamless, matching sets featuring some seriously bold bottoms. And we have someone to thank for Hadid’s current pants party: her new stylist Mimi Cuttrell.

PeopleStyle caught up with Cuttrell to get all the scoop on the star’s latest sartorial statement, a pink, shiny suit by the new ready-to-wear brand, Kreist, that the stylist calls, “Rock-and-Roll Barbie.”

“She wanted something really special for the event and I was doing research online and came across this amazing suit and who else but Gigi to wear this outfit and to rock it,” Cuttrell tells PeopleStyle of the outfit Hadid wore for her Vogue Eyewear collection launch party in NYC on Tuesday. “The bell bottoms were a little looser originally but we tailored them so they were a tighter fit — tighter at the knees and more of a statement bell bottom pant than the original look from Kreist’s Fall Winter/2017 collection.”

And that’s not the only alterations the duo made. Cuttrell explains that they also decided to remove some fringe from the arm of the jacket, while still keeping the detail on the front pocket.

“Normally we’re not the biggest fans of fringe, Gigi and I, but this time it was so simple and delicate and really thin pieces of fringe so we were okay with it on the front of jacket,” Cuttrell explained. “I didn’t want to accessorize it too much because it already had so much with the sheen of the jacket and the pants overall.”

Gigi Hadid out and about, New York, USA - 27 Jun 2017

Cuttrell adds that Hadid loved the look the second she saw it on the rack, and that the duo often crafts looks as a team, which sparked their own hashtag, #stylebymigi.

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“The hashtag came up one day during a fitting. Gigi said ‘hashtag styled by Mimi.’ Then I said, ‘hashtag styled by Gigi. Then Gigi went and said ‘hashtag styled by MiGi.’ We were both giving each other credit for the collaborative outfit then it just clicked. ”

Stay tuned for more on Hadid’s evolving style and collaboration with Cuttrell in an upcoming issue of PEOPLE.

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