The model tried to persuade the Today show host that it wasn't as gross as it looked
Celebrity Sightings in New York City - November 1, 2016
Credit: Alo Ceballos/GC

There’s a certain set of rules that every New Yorker tends to live their life by: Black isn’t just the color of every piece of clothing you own, it’s a way of life; nine times out of 10 that water that just splashed on your head is not from a rain cloud, and a bagel is acceptable for all meals. Gigi Hadid is a recent transplant to the Big Apple, which is why (we assume) she just broke a cardinal rule of city dwelling Tuesday: She let her beautiful long coat drag across our grime- and pigeon poop-infested sidewalks. This was an act that Matt Lauer deemed unforgivable in his interview with the supermodel on the Today show on Wednesday morning.

Fashion’s muse of the moment sat down with the veteran anchor for her first-ever appearance on the morning news show to talk about her enormously successful career, being dubbed an “It-Girl,” and her squad Halloween. But while all of that’s well and good, there was something else Lauer could not wait to discuss with the Vogue cover girl: a paparazzi shot of the model walking through the N.Y.C. streets wearing a grey sweatsuit under a long, white coat with its tails dragging across the concrete.

Matt said, “Now you know from watching the show, I am a germaphobe. Look at your coat dragging in the streets of New York. Do you know what’s in the streets of New York?”

Gigi quickly tried to explain away the shot, saying, “Okay. This will make you feel better. The coat came off the runway already dirty. So I got it as that piece. Then I walked across the street for coffee. I only walked across the street. That’s literally the farthest I went all day yesterday on my day off.”

But the host was having none of it, adding, “There isn’t a dry cleaner in the world that is good enough to sanitize that.” The model agreed, saying, “Right, but it was already dirty so either I don’t wear it or I just do wear it.” While both make excellent points, having seen what actually transpires out there on the city’s sidewalks, we’re going to have to side with Lauer on this one.

What do you think of Gigi letting her coat drag on the ground? Would you let your coat touch the city sidewalks? Sound off below!