Shop the model's limited edition collection available at Ulta now before it sells out!

By Kaitlyn Frey and Jackie Fields
October 21, 2017 09:00 AM
Credit: Maybelline

Gigi Hadid just debuted her very first makeup product with Maybelline New York at Ulta earlier this week, but the star had also given some hints that her all-in-one Jetsetter palette wouldn’t be the only thing coming from her and the cosmetics brand. We’ve waited patiently with anticipation, and now the top secret news can finally be revealed. The supermodel and Maybelline spokesperson created a limited edition 30-item collection, available for purchase Sunday, featuring everything from illuminators and primers to eye liners and, yes, lip kits, plus eye shadow palettes, brushes and much, much more (!) – all ranging from $7.99 to $29.99.

“What was the most fun was that I knew what I wanted to do from the get-go and Maybelline was so supportive of me making products I couldn’t always find shopping for myself,” Hadid told PeopleStyle exclusively. “My makeup artist Erin Parsons [who’s also Maybelline New York’s Global Makeup Artist] helped me put into words what I wanted.”

Credit: Courtesy of Maybelline

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All of the products in the collection fall into one of two categories: East Coast Glam, inspired by the N.Y.C.’s trend-setting vibe, and West Coast Glow, which combines a warm, beachy SoCal feel with the a touch of Hollywood glamour. To differentiate each category, Hadid accented her East Coast Glam products with silver lettering, and her West Coast Glow products with gold lettering. “I wanted to make a collection [with products] that are easy to use, easy to put on and [can create] looks that work from day to night just by adding a lip or liner at the end of the day,” Hadid told us.

Credit: Courtesy of Maybelline

After selecting the range’s final shades, the 21-year-old named each after the people, places and things that are most important to her. “There are lipstick colors that are inspired by my friends and named after them,” Hadid said. In her East Coast Glam collection, the model named a pale nude matte lipstick and lip liner after one of her best friends, McCall [Koenig]. Another deep mauve lipstick and lip liner got the name Erin, for Hadid’s makeup artist who helped her develop the collection.

Credit: Maybelline/Instagram

Hadid had opinions down to the packaging, which she wanted done in a a blush pink hue. “I think [it] goes with everything and I thought it would look beautiful sitting [on your vanity],” she said. “It’s funny because it turned out that it was kind of a trendy color this year!”

Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna also both launched their own respective makeup brands in 2017 (KKW Beauty and Fenty Beauty) with similar nude-toned packaging, both of which Hadid has tried for herself and loves. “I’m a huge fan of all the collections that came out this year,” she said. “Everyone does such a good job of making products that make so much sense for who they are.”

Credit: Courtesy of Maybelline

So what made sense for her own line? Hadid wanted “star-quality” products that would fit into her on-the-go, minimal makeup routine. “I travel [so much] for work and I never want to pack and unpack my makeup bag all the time,” she said. “I look up to girls who can wake up in the morning and do a full face of makeup and look amazing. But I just can’t put on all that makeup and make it look good.”

Hadid’s own natural makeup aesthetic emerged from her mother Yolanda Hadid’s wise words: Less is more. “She always went out with a very simple look and that’s where I learned from. I think you can have fun with it and experiment, but if you do it in a subtle, chic way then it usually turns out better,” she said.

Credit: Johns PKI/Splash News Online

Although Hadid said the collection was so “top secret” she couldn’t even show her younger sister and fellow model Bella Hadid the products, she and Parsons played around with her favorite product in the collection (her multipurpose Jetsetter palette) even though they needed to stay tight-lipped about was really used on the star’s face.

“When I landed in London on the tour for my Tommy Hilfiger line [in September], we had to go straight to a radio show. We had to pretty much do hair and makeup for the show in the tiniest bathroom you’ve ever seen,” Hadid said about the look below. “Erin did my makeup with the Jetsetter palette but she couldn’t say it because it wasn’t announced yet! We were talking about it after – how she wished she could tell people what we used.”

Below, check out the complete list of items in the supermodel’s line. Then, check out the collection for yourself at Ulta Beauty stores on November 5.

East Coast Glam:
~Lip Liner in Erin, McCall, Taura, $7.99 each
~Matte Lipstick in Erin, McCall, Taura, $8.99 each
Fun Fact: Taura, short for Gigi’s astrological sign Taurus, is Gigi’s No. 1 nude hue.
~Liquid Eyeliner in Black, $9.99
~Tinted Primer in Light Medium, $11.99
~Liquid Strobe in Iridescent, $11.99
~Gel Eyeliner in Black, $11.99
~Fiber Mascara in Black, $12.99
Fun Fact: This mascara was previously only available in Asia!
~Eye Contour Palette in Warm and Cool, $14.99 each
Fun Fact: Each palette contains five matte shades
~Eye Contour Brush, $14.99

West Coast Glow:
~Lip Liner in Austyn, Khair and Lani, $7.99 each
~Matte Lipstick in Austyn, Khair and Lani, $8.99 each
~Tinted Primer in Medium Deep, $11.99
~Liquid Strobe in Gold, $11.99
~Gel Eyeliner in Nude, $11.99
~Lash Sensational Mascara, $11.99
~Eye Shadow Palette in Warm and Cool, $14.99
~Eye Shadow Brush, $14.99

Lip Kits (which consist of one of Hadid’s Matte Lipsticks plus the matching Lip Liner) in Austyn and Taura, $16.99 each

The Jetsetter Palette (which includes a miniature size of the brand’s iconic Colossal Mascara), $29.99
Fun Fact: The item is Hadid’s personal favorite. “It was my first big idea that I wanted to produce!”

Are you pumped to start shopping Gigi’s entire 30-piece collection with Maybelline New York? Share your favorite picks in the comments below!