Gigi Hadid Dances in Her Underwear for Love's Advent Calendar - Maybe Because She's Psyched About Her Vogue UK Cover

After yesterday's shark-infested film, Love magazine returns to its roots for day 2 featuring a lingerie-clad Gigi Hadid.

Another day, another semi-scandalous video of a model dancing around in her unmentionables thanks to our friends over at Love magazine. After yesterday’s romp with Kendall in a shark suit, it makes sense that the only person who could possibly follow that award-worthy performance is BFF, fellow VS Angel, and Instagram “It Girl” in her own right, Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid Love Magazine Advent Calendar

Courtesy Love Magazine

Unlike yesterday’s short, which had cinematic overtones and a fair amount of clothing (as it were), today Love is back to its old tricks, giving the people what they want in the form of a two-minute slow motion video of Gigi Hadid wearing only a lacy red and black bra and underwear set. If you’ve seen any of the magazine’s advent videos ever, this formula should look pretty familiar by now: take one of the hottest models of the year, put her in next to nothing, slow pan around her while she dances, and let the seasonal merriment commence.

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And Gigi’s Love video couldn’t launch on a better day considering it was also revealed this morning that she will be Vogue UK’s January cover star. Wearing a pageboy cap, striped Topshop sweater, and Bally leather jacket, Hadid is the picture of mod chic. This marks the first time the burgeoning supermodel has been on the magazine’s cover and is just one more prestigious notch in her pursuit of industry-wide domination.

Inside the pages of this issue, the model strongly speaks out against body shamers, saying: “Yeah, I’m an athletic person. But I love my body because I know what it’s been through to be what it is. And honestly I’m not going to change for someone that is depressed about their life. The Victoria’s Secret Angels aren’t going anywhere; I’m not going anywhere; plus-sized models aren’t going anywhere.”

Preach, Gigi — don’t let those trolls keep you from dancing in your underwear.

What do you think of Gigi’s Love video? How do you feel about her speaking out against body shaming? What do you hope to see Gigi do next?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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