Gigi Hadid Says Sister Bella Hadid 'Always Steals from My Closet'

The model says that she shares clothes with her sister all the time

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Gigi and Bella Hadid may be two of the busiest models in the industry right now, but off the runway the sisters have “very different personal styles,” according to Gigi.

In a new interview with PeopleStyle, the 21-year-old star reveals that her little sister puts more effort into her every day outfits than she does.

“We share clothes, but if you gave Bella and I the same piece we would style it completely different, which is fun,” she says. “She has a lot more energy for making a look every day. I kind of just wake up and wear what I feel like wearing. Bella has a lot more motivation to make it an outfit.”

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And some of Bella’s outfits happen to be straight out of Gigi’s personal wardrobe.

“She steals from my closet,” Gigi confesses. “That’s how she is. I just wouldn’t go to her house and take her things.”

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At her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show fitting, Bella told PeopleStyle that she hadn’t yet asked Gigi, who walked last year, for pointers, maintaining that they like to keep their professional lives unconnected.

“We haven’t really talked about it,” she shared. “We like to keep work very separate but I am sure when the time comes and it gets closer to the date, we’re gonna sit down and have a whole conversation about it. I just have to go and be the best me I can be.”

And while we wait for the Hadid catwalk take over in Paris, we know one thing for sure: They’ll both look great in wings.

For more on Gigi’s style, pick up the new issue of People on newsstands everywhere Friday.

Are you a fan of their styles? Do you steal from your sister’s closet? Share below!

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