Gigi Hadid Attacked by a Male Stranger While Leaving the Max Mara Fashion Show

The model looked visibly shaken after a male fan grabbed her from behind on the street in Milan

Gigi and Bella Hadid spotted leaving the Max Mara Fashion Show in Milan Italy

At this point in her career, Gigi Hadid is a runway pro. It seems there’s no catwalk, campaign, or magazine cover in the world where the supermodel hasn’t made her presence known. Killing it at your high-profile job day in and day out, however, is one thing, but the fame and fans that naturally accompany it is something entirely different. And on Thursday, while exiting the Max Mara show with her sister Bella, Gigi got a taste of the dark side of adoration as it appears a male stranger managed to come up behind her and grab her.

While so far all we have to officially go on is the images of what appear to be an extremely angry and frightened Gigi, it seems pretty indisputable what transpired outside the fashion show. In a series of paparazzi photos, the model and her stylish sister exit the building amongst a swarm of people, slowly making their way towards their awaiting car.

Gigi Hadid attacked by a crazy fan in Milan and FURIOUSLY fights back!

But as Gigi broke through the throng, it seems a young man somehow managed to evade her security guards and sneak up behind her, grabbing her around the waist, lifting her into the air, and groping her from behind.

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Gigi Hadid attacked by a crazy fan in Milan and FURIOUSLY fights back!

But the model proved she’s no damsel in distress, as she got to unleash a few of the powerhouse boxing moves she’s mastered, freeing herself from her attacker’s grasp with a kick and an elbow to the head. In the shots, Hadid looks unscathed, though visibly shaken, appearing to share some choice words with her security team for allowing this whole series of events to transpire.

The model also talked briefly about the experience on Twitter, defending her actions and writing:

Of course, this entire experience is in stark contrast to how the runway all-star started off her morning.

After hosting an exclusive event at the brand’s flagship store in a stunning gold sequin trench coat and camel cashmere romper on Wednesday, Gigi went on to walk the Max Mara jungle-themed runway:

She also managed to quickly move on from that harrowing experience, looking cool, calm, and collected right after at Fendi:

Moral of the story: Never attempt to mess with a model who’s been training for years at one of the best boxing gyms in the city.

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