August 24, 2015 08:12 PM

Here’s a fun little scenario for you: You’re heading to Taylor Swift’s concert (she also happens to be your best friend and your boyfriend’s ex — sounds awkward, but fortunately your bestie is so over it) for a super low-key date night with your boo (just kidding, you know there’s going to be dozens of paps swarming the scene). Finding the perfect outfit is, of course, crucial. So what do you wear? If you’re Hollywood’s newest ‘It’ couple, Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas (a.k.a. G.I. Joe), you both opt for matching sneaks to outrun said paparazzi. More specifically, you wear matching Yeezys.

Keith Johnson/Bauer-Griffin/GC

Said Yeezys were a birthday gift for Jonas (as he indicated on Instagram) — but they’re not just any birthday gift. They’re a pair of the completely impossible-to-get, sold-out-everywhere Yeezy Boost 350s in gray, a style worn pretty much exclusively by Kanye West’s family and friends (it pays to know the shoe designer). For Hadid to finagle a pair for herself and Jonas probably took a little effort, but fortunately, she’s got a hookup in fellow supermodel, longtime bestie and West sister-in-law Kendall Jenner. (Though frankly, we’re surprised West allowed Jonas to procure a pair after the former Jonas Brother mocked the original Boosts on Insta back in February.)

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And if you still can’t get over the idea of a couple choosing to wear matching shoes with their concert attire (especially when one half of the couple is wearing, essentially, a swimsuit and StyleStalker micromini and the other is in jeans and a leather bomber), consider this: It’s not the first time the stars have used their wardrobes to make a statement about their relationship. The two wore their couples’ nickname on their sleeves (literally) when Hadid stepped out in a shirt that said “G.I.” next to, well, Joe. Get it?!

Desperate to get yourself and your S.O. your own matching pair of Yeezys? Demand has crashed multiple websites, but you can enter to win a pair here, or you can shell out some significant cash to buy a pair on eBay starting at $800. Sure, it might be expensive, but who can put a price on love as adorable as G.I. Joe’s?

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Would you wear matching sneakers with your significant other, like Gigi and Joe? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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