Gifts for Everyone: iPod Accessories!


iPods make pretty great companions all on their own — but they’re even better when you add something special. Check out our picks for the best iPod add-ons of the gift-giving season.

Plug this cute little Lego Mini Speaker directly into your iPod and play your iTunes out loud anywhere.

Change-up your player’s solid color — and protect it from scratches — with artist-designed or custom-made graphic skins.

Swarovski crystal ear buds are another way to let your iPod to dazzle your ears.

Carry your player in style, with a gold leather case that has built-in speakers.

A custom hardwood cover is a chic and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cases.

These bright, water-resistant speakers make it easy to sing along to your iTunes library in the shower.

ColorWare Design Studio will turn your iPod any color of the rainbow, with 29 shades and thousands of combinations to choose from.

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