Gifts for Everyone: Chic Cookbook

Polka Dot Press

Got a pal whose cooking skills need a little help? Try picking up a copy of The Little Black Apron: A Single Girl’s Guide to Cookingwith Style & Grace, $15. It compares conquering the kitchen to putting together a perfectly accessorized ensemble, and is a gem for gals who think the four basic food groups are “wine, cheese, chocolate and coffee.” With Sex and the City-like anecdotes and witty side notes (“blanch” has nothing to do with A Streetcar Named Desire!), The Little Black Apron delivers practical, nutritious recipes and answers to those questions you’re too afraid to ask (what actually is the difference between baking and broiling?). Entertaining for the holidays? There’s a chapter with menus and recipes tailored to your dwelling size — yes, you can cook a full meal in that studio apartment, so hop to it! Click here to buy a copy for yourself or a pal at

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