See how you can get in the star's jeans and do good at the same time!

By Alex Apatoff
Updated September 17, 2013 03:12 PM

Courtesy Cotton

Ever wish you could get in Kellan Lutz’s jeans? Well, good news, you can — wait, not like that! We mean to say that you could be the lucky lady to win a pair of Lutz’s pre-worn, personally signed denim as part of a cool new Cotton initiative.

Lutz, along with other hot guys including Andy Roddick and Darren Criss (oh, did we mention the smokin’ ladies as well? Names include Brooklyn Decker, Heidi Klum and Britney Spears) lent their old jeans and John Hancocks to the Celebrity Autographed Jeans Auction in order to help promote the “Blue Jeans Go Green” denim recycling program.

By donating your beat-up blues to be recycled, you keep tons of waste out of landfills and provide insulation to building projects to communities in need — a win-win. And to encourage you to participate, Cotton enlisted these celebs to auction off their jeans in a unique way.

Rather than bidding money, your currency is used denim. Bid the amount of old jeans you know you can collect, then start rounding up all the cutoffs, jackets and skinnies you can find. The highest bidder wins the autographed jeans of their dreams and helps provide home insulation to those who need it. So c’mon, start “bidding” — who knows when the next chance you’ll get to be in Lutz’s jeans might be?

Tell us: Whose jeans would you most like to own? We vote for Spears’s.

–Alex Apatoff