Jackie Fields
May 27, 2016 02:30 PM

All day, every day Beyoncé‘s manicures are nothing short of statement-making. And behind her most memorable looks has been one woman: Lisa Logan. She helped provide the “something blue” for the star’s 2008 nuptials, created the “Drunk in Love” bordeaux look the the singer wore for her first televised performance of a song from her surprise self-titled album, collaborated with Bey to launch a limited edition set of nail wraps, and painted her tips for her “Formation” video and epic Super Bowl performance. So with with Memorial Day kicking off the unofficial start of summer, we dialed up the pro to help us summon summer with a few seasonal and super-cool looks.


Logan, who owns Harlem nail salon The Nail Suite, first whipped up a watermelon-stamped mani (which had our model singing “I’ve been drinking, watermelon!”) by layering a hot pink lacquer over a vibrant blue shade with the help of a MoYou London nail stamping kit.

Then she pulled out a sponge (yes, the kind you find in your kitchen) to dab red, white and blue polish onto our model’s hands to conjure up a patriotic mani with a watercolor vibe. Lastly, she created a sand and sea-inspired mani using Dior’s DYI polka dot kit.

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Below, the pro shares her tips for creating these DYI manis, plus her secrets for making any polish withstand a day of fun in the sun.

If you’re stamping: Keep a lint roller around. After applying your pattern, roll the MoYou stamp along the roller to remove the polish before stamping your next nail.

If you’re sponging: Dampen your dry sponge to expand the pores first. Then squeeze out any excess water before coating it with polish.

If you’re dotting: You don’t have to invest in a kit or dotter, just grab a rubber-tip bobby pin. The covered tip will create the same effect!

If your cuticles are cracking: Constant moisturizing is key, otherwise “the cracks will make your hands look old, and no one wants old-looking hands!” Logan loves NCLA’s rose version, but says in a pinch you can use olive oil!

If your polish constantly chips: “Use a dab of a nail dehydrator on the nail bed,” says Logan, adding, “Nails are porous and they absorb and excrete oils, which can cause your polish to chip off faster.” Of course, an killer top coat is a must have, too. Logan swears by OPI Infinite Shine, but says whatever your go-to top coat is, “be sure to bring it to your nail salon in case they don’t have it.”

If your vibrant shade is staining your nail bed: It’s time to change your base coat, says Logan. Also the longer you leave on a bold hue, the greater chance it will stain your tips, so try alternating the stand out shade with a nude for a few days.

How are you upping your mani game this Memorial Day weekend? Share below!

–Jackie Fields

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