By StyleWatch
July 09, 2008 04:00 PM

Belle Pictures/Flynet

Britney Spears is gearing up for a come-back appearance in a video segment that will be played during Madonna’s upcoming tour. Looking better than ever, Brit lightens her locks and lets down her hair — and her hair stylist, Kim Vo, gives PEOPLE the scoop on the new look. “I took her into the baby-blonde spectrum, like a child who’s been at the beach,” Vo says of softening the star’s darker blonde color. “She now has a lot of streaks — including some dark in the back — but the effect is baby-blonde. She is blonder than she’s been, which she loves.” But why suddenly so light? Vo had to take into account Madonna’s golden hair and give Britney something that would contrast and complement the Material Girl’s look. The straight style, however, was Britney’s call. And Vo kept fly-aways at bay with one of the star’s favorite products. “Britney loves the Perfect Polish Dry Serum. It’s a product that keeps her hair polished and frizz free. When we’re doing a straight hair style this is a must.” We think Brit’s straight blonde style is the perfect summer look for her. Tell us: What do you think of her new hair? Would you go that blonde?