October 26, 2011 10:00 PM

Courtesy ABC

Lacey Schwimmer and partner Chaz Bono succumbed to the pressure of
Dancing with the Stars
Tuesday night, but Brooke Charvet‘s hair was able to handle the heat — not to mention the studio lights. The hostess wore her long brunette locks curly this week, letting her tresses cascade over her left shoulder.

Just like last week, we asked the stylists at Hotheads how to achieve her look at home. There are several ways to emulate her curls, but the easiest is to follow these steps from stylist Sheenon Olson:

1. Prep your hair with a product that will help give hold and body, such as No. 9 BoBo Capture Foam.

2. To get shine for the curls, Olson likes to use Oribe’s Soft Lacquer before curling each section.

3. Work in small sections, using an iron. Wrap the hair around the iron in a spiral going down, making sure not to overlap the hair. The size of the iron you choose depends on what effect you want: a good size to start with would be 1-in. to 1.25-in.

4. If your hair is fine, try clipping up the spiral curls as you go, letting them set, then releasing them once they’ve cooled. If your hair is curly, it’s better to curl the section and pull it straight for a moment to loosen the spiral.


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