The actress and Honest Company founder gets real about her struggles in the industry in a short film for the coconut water brand

By Catherine Kast
Updated June 23, 2016 06:18 PM

Courtesy Zico

Jessica Alba has been the spokeswoman for Zico coconut water since 2014. And just as the brand has evolved, so have the ads starring the actress and founder of The Honest Company. Rather than just introducing the product to the world, Zico’s latest campaign is all about sending a message. “When they rebranded Zico as not from concentrate, a 100% one-ingredient coconut water and redid the packaging to reflect that, they wanted to find a deeper meaning in their campaign,” Alba tells PeopleStyle. “It’s beyond just a drink; It’s more reflective of what the product really does. At the end of the day, that is always what I look for. I think they just married who I am as a person and what I am about with the product and the concept.”

Zico created a minute-long film entitled “Whispers,” which features Alba recalling moments when people doubted her abilities both as an actress and an entrepreneur. Those whispers of doubt included: “You can’t take the ‘mommy’ track; You’ll never come back,” “Actresses don’t belong in the boardroom,” and “You can’t possibly be that smart.” But as Alba says in the video, “One voice didn’t whisper, it shouted from down deep, and it drowned out all the other voices…. And it was my own.”

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The actress and CEO “signed off right away” on the campaign message “What’s inside is everything.” “It felt very bold of them to do something that is so different to what you normally see out there in this industry,” she says.

Courtesy Zico

“It’s all reflective of me,” she says of the style of the campaign. “Sneakers with high waist trousers and a little crop top are an example of what I would wear running around going shopping or hanging out with my kids. It’s all about something I could throw a blazer over and wear to work.”

Courtesy Zico

When it comes to shooting a deep campaign versus an editorial spread, “It’s the same,” Alba says with a laugh. “I always try to be authentic and real. Obviously for a fashion or beauty editorial you have to make sure the clothes look good whereas this is more about my personality coming out. It’s more playful and about the many hats that I wear. It’s about my personal style. When you do a fashion spread you wear the clothes of the season or the moment. But a shoot is a shoot. I am pretty quick about it. I’ve been doing this for so long. I have a dialogue with the photographer. We will have an understanding of what we’re trying to get out of it and what the overall energy is and then we kind of do that.”

Courtesy Zico

Not all the looks in the campaign are businesslike. “I think pairing something a little bit tough and unexpected with something very girly is definitely something I like to do. So if you have a very feminine dress or skirt and top it’s nice to break up the sweetness with a moto jacket or tougher shoe or bootie so it doesn’t feel so saccharin.” Case in point, one of the finished ads shows Alba in a ruffled dress with motorcycle boots.

Courtesy Zico

Ultimately Alba sums up her personal style as balanced and modern: “I do like to have a youthful spin and kind of an edgy spin on classic silhouettes,” she says. “Nothing too revealing. That’s not my style.”

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–Catherine Kast