Get an exclusive sneak peek inside the dazzling gift boxes Swarovski's giving to the 10 actress Oscar nominees

By Alex Apatoff
Updated February 21, 2013 08:00 PM

Courtesy Swarovski

Between the fancy food and the posh parties — not to mention the gazillion dollars worth of jewelry and gowns they get to wear — we already knew we wouldn’t mind being in an Oscar nominee’s towering heels.

But now that we’ve gotten an exclusive sneak peek at the dazzling gift Swarovski is sending to the 10 actress nominees, we’re really seeing green. The boxes, worth about $4,000, include a Swarovski-encrusted “Nirvana Star” clutch that only the ten chosen ladies will get to carry, plus sexy crystal-embellished aviators (never before seen from Swarovski) a necklace and ring, all designed to enhance the star’s already high-wattage sparkle.

And unlike some of the swag that immediately gets tossed in the trash, the nominees carry their clutches long after the ceremony ends. In fact, Viola Davis was spotted with hers just last week!

Could this gorgeous bag be the thing to convince Quvenzhané Wallis to leave her puppy purse at home? We’ll have to wait ’til Sunday to see!

Tell us: What do you think of this exclusive Oscar nominee gift box from Swarovski? Which would you be most likely to wear?

–Alex Apatoff