Pretty Little Liars costume designer Cameron Dale curated a collection of pieces inspired by the show for PEOPLESHOP.

By Sharon Kanter
June 21, 2016 01:00 PM

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Now it’s easier than ever to get the enviable looks seen on Pretty Little Liars! Just in time for the seventh season premiere on Freeform tonight at 8/7ct, PeopleShop – the e-commerce extension of PEOPLE – has announced that it teamed up with the show’s costume designer Cameron Dale to bring fans an online shop featuring looks inspired (and worn!) by the four main Liars on the show.

“I’ve always loved People,” Dale tells PeopleStyle. “Since I was a girl, I’ve been reading it. I love the style issues and they’re always so on-trend and I think it’s a great partnership to bring the PLL style to the fans.”

The Pretty Little Liars PeopleShop features sections for each of the four Liars — Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Hanna (Ashley Benson). Each piece is hand-picked by Dale, and some will even be featured on screen throughout season 7. “I really wanted to bring the fans the pieces that are featured on the show,” says Dale, noting that many are at “cool, affordable prices,” ranging from $10 to $150.

Courtesy PeopleShop

“The pieces for People Shop are designers that I’ve worked with in the past and also discovering new designers,” she continues. “It’s been a really wonderful collaboration.” Items include delicate jewelry by Dogeared, fringed bags by Street Level and colorful earrings by Bluma Project, and there will be 100 more products added as the season continues.

Overall, the shop is focused on accessories, which “elevate the look completely,” Dale says.

In Aria’s section, she explored the flirty and playful look of the character. “What’s been really important with Aria is to incorporate a lot of color, colorful purses and hair accessories and really cute statement jewelry,” says Dale. “We also have some really cute little elephant charms. Lucy loves elephants so I like to incorporate a little of their personal style also once and a while into their shop, too.”

Emily is more of the minimalist, says Dale. “Emily’s style I would say is more classic and less trendy than the other girls but just really well-made classics,” says Dale. “Shay really loves small pieces of jewelry so we’ve done some cool chokers for her. She loves chokers this season. And for bags, we’re keeping her handbags really cool and neutral.”

Hanna’s section is where you’ll see the trendiest pieces. “Hanna works in fashion and all of her stuff is of the moment,” says Dale. “The western jewelry is really important for Hanna’s look this season so we’ve done a lot of that and the fringe bag has been great for her.”

Spencer focuses on the classic, sophisticated silhouettes, as always. “Spencer’s style has stayed really preppy over the years,” says Dale. “She stayed true to that. She’s really classic just with beautiful brown leathers and simple, silver jewelry. We’ve done a lot of rings with her this season.”

Courtesy PeopleShop

So, what’s Dale’s favorite part about working on the show? “I love reading the next script just to see what happens,” she says. “I got an outline today for the next one and I’m like, ‘Omigod!’ A certain outfit could play out for the whole season and you just don’t know so you have to be so careful. You have to be like okay, this outfit has to be amazing ’cause we may see this 10 episodes later.”

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—Sharon Clott Kanter