May 20, 2013 10:00 AM

If you weren’t born with Hollywood bombshell hair (and uh, by the way, most of the Hollywood bombshells weren’t even born with Hollywood bombshell hair — they fake it), this product is for you…

When it comes to hair extensions, the most important thing is that you shouldn’t be able to tell where your natural strands stop and the faux pieces start. These Bardot clip-ins have that covered: They come in six multi-tonal shades that are specially dip-dyed to blend seamlessly with all hues. (If you have questions about which color is right for you, Tweet a pic of your hair to @StyleWatchMag and @Joyus and we’ll advise!)

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And because the little clips (which are incredibly easy to use) are covered up by the extensions, no one will ever know you’re wearing faux locks. Plus, you can curl or flatiron the hair for an even more believable look. Yeah, they’re that good.

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