Get an Exclusive Tour of Jordana Brewster's Closet (Plus, See the Designer Shoes She's Auctioning Off!)

Find out what fancy shoes the star is auctioning off, plus, what trend she can't get enough of

If you’ve ever wanted to walk in Jordana Brewster’s stylish shoes, now you can — literally. The Fast and the Furious 7 star, 34, is auctioning off a pair of sequined Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps, benefiting the charity No Kid Hungry.

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“The reason No Kid Hungry is such an amazing organization is because they have very innovative ways of combating childhood hunger,” Brewster tells PEOPLE. “The issue is very important to me after becoming a mom. To think that one in five children in America is actually going hungry was just something that really affected me.”

Brewster has worn the up-for-auction heels — which retail for over $1,000 — to the opening of Cathouse nightclub at the Luxor in Las Vegas and a number of other red carpet appearances.

Jordana Brewster Christian Louboutin Shoes

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“I love them because of all the sequins,” she says. “To me they’re like Dorothy’s slippers, but black.”

While she’s parting with her pumps, there are a few items in her closet Brewster won’t be letting go of any time soon. How do we know? She gave us an exclusive tour of her wardrobe.

Jordana Brewster Christian Louboutin

“I’m going through a phase now where I’m just obsessed with jumpsuits,” the Dallas star shares in the clip below. “It’s all I want to wear all the time. I just love the jumpsuit look.”

Another trend she loves right now are vibrant pants.

“I like a lot of color because I live in L.A. and I get to dress very casually, which is really nice, but on nights that I’m going out I like wearing colorful pants,” she says. “It’s just nice to have that one pop of color, and then the rest can be kind of boring and you don’t have to think about your outfit that hard!”

To bid on Brewster’s fabulous pumps, visit What do you think of her fancy shoes? How about her jumpsuit obsession? Share your thoughts below.

–Gabrielle Olya

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