Get a Look Behind the Scenes at Carrie Underwood's Latest Almay Commercial

On the red carpet, Carrie Underwood is a constant source of inspiration for a bold lip or smoky eye, but when she’s just at home with her son, things are a little different — and she explains exactly how in the behind-the-scenes video of her new commercial for Almay‘s One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara, which you’re seeing here first.

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As the face of Almay, Underwood knows exactly which of their products are must-haves, and counts their mascara towards the top of that list.

“Being a busy mom, everything needs to be as simple as possible when it comes to my beauty routine,” she admits. “It’s rare that I actually get a decent amount of time to get myself ready in the morning, but if there is one thing I am going to do it is probably going to be my eyes. The new Multi-Benefit mascara, it just looks great — just a couple quick swipes and I’m out the door!”

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Courtesy Almay

Courtesy Almay

And even though she keeps it simple while she’s hanging around with her son Isaiah, she told PeopleStyle in a recent interview that she’ll “always put makeup on, even if it’s just a little bit.”

“If I’m going someplace, I always think, ‘Somebody’s going to see me and want to take a picture with me,’ which is really great, but I hate it when I see the pictures later when I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all,” she says. “So I’ll throw on a little bit — some foundation, a little bit of Smart Shade, maybe a little bronzer and mascara and I’ll be OK. I won’t feel bad about my pictures if I do that.”

Because after all, she’s a total beauty girl at heart.
“I have older sisters, so I probably started wearing makeup a little before I probably should have,” she told PeopleStyle. “I played with it while I was growing up, because I would go into their bags. If I had a daughter now I’d probably probably make her wait a little longer.”

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Carrie Underwood</a> Almay

Courtesy Almay

The singer also adds that when it comes to her makeup, she prioritizes healthy contents above anything else. “Everything is hypoallergenic and it’s made with good ingredients that are good for me.”

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–Jillian Ruffo

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