Before the A-lister owned estates all over the globe, he made his own ties out of dress pants that were too big on him


Before George Clooney was an A-list, Academy Award-winning actor with Armani on call to make him a tux on demand, the 56-year-old new dad to twins Alexander and Ella was just a struggling actor trying to make ends meet by selling insurance door-to-door.

At a certain point in the Kentucky-born actor’s life, Clooney was so broke, he couldn’t even afford to buy a tie. So the star decided to take things into his own crafty hands and make his own. The actor, who’s currently at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote the new movie he’s directing, Suburbicon, opened up about his hidden talent of repurposing ill-fitting clothing back in the day.

"Suburbicon" Press Conference - 2017 Toronto International Film Festival
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty

“I was a struggling actor for 10 years and I have a great understanding of what it’s like to try to make things work,” Clooney said to the Daily Mail during press interviews at TIFF. “I would buy suits that were too long in the leg, cut the bottoms off and hem them up with a stapler, and use the leftover fabric to make ties for work.”

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He continued, talking about the pitfalls of trying to make a living while attempting to break into the film industry. “I sold insurance door to door — cold calls, knock knock, ‘Hi, do you have whole life insurance? We can turn whole life into term life and you can put the rest of your money into your retirement fund!’ Believe me, it’s a terrible job.”

With Amal Clooney on his arm, twin babies at home and a whole closet full of non-handmade ties

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