Here's exactly how to recreate the star's barely-there Wonder Woman beauty look

By Jillian Ruffo
June 12, 2017 12:54 PM
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Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Across the country, moviegoers are marveling over Wonder Woman — so much so that the film made $100.5 million during it’s opening weekend and continues to dominate at the box office. And because we can’t take our eyes off of the hero herself, Gal Gadot, we had to find out what went into her Au-naturale beauty look. So we tapped her makeup artist, Sarah Brock, who worked with the star behind the scenes, to find out all the details. Below, the key products in creating her look, plus how to pull off that effortless superhero glow all on your own.

The star’s makeup, which Brock says took just 45 to 60 minutes each day, may look minimal, but according to Brock, it requires a few key products.

“I used small amounts of several different products, which I applied with my fingers and then blended well so that they didn’t ‘sit’ on the skin – they ‘became’ part of her skin,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I apply cream bronzers and blush after foundation and then I’d add fine powder formulas at the end of the makeup if I wanted more definition for filming.”

On her lips, Brock shares, “I would first apply the Chanel Rouge COCO Baume to keep Gal’s lips hydrated, and the Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick – it is primarily a lip treatment that mimics the natural, rosy color of your lips.”

Want to recreate her look at home? The pro has a few pointers to share. “The biggest mistake women make is that they think that the way to get a flawless complexion is to pile on a thick layer of thick foundation to cover all of their imperfections – but that’s when makeup looks heavy and cakey,” Brock warns. “I apply a light foundation base and then go in with concealers and correctors after to add more coverage where needed.”

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And to create a glow, she recommends sticking to cream formulas, which will amp up the freshness.

“I try to use as many cream-based products as possible on the skin (blush, contour and highlighter), which keeps the skin looking dewy and younger. And use as little powder as possible, as it tends to make the skin look flat and takes away the natural glow.”

As for her body, Brock shares that Gadot only needed moisturizer and a touch of contouring on a daily basis — meaning she looks that good naturallyeven at five months pregnant.

“Gal’s body is in amazing shape because of all of the training she did before and during filming, so general body makeup would first be just moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated and glowing, and I would then use a small amount of body contour product, just to enhance Gal’s amazing muscles and physique,” Brock says.

But fight scenes weren’t as simple. The pro adds that that’s when the wounds and cuts had to be created, which were done by a separate team. “It all depended on the wounds required,” she explains. “I worked with an amazing makeup team that were experts in creating special effects – if cuts or wounds were needed, they could do this in less than 15 minutes.”

And if you’re wondering what Gadot is like behind the scenes, Brock reveals that she’s just as awesome as she is on-screen.

“Everything about working with Gal was truly amazing,” she says. “Not only is she the ultimate professional when it comes to being an actor (some of the conditions we filmed in were tough & she never complained once) – she has the most kind, most caring, beautiful soul – she truly is everything Wonder Woman embodies. She trusted me to make her feel her most beautiful every day and I’m truly blessed to have shared such a special journey with her. We worked hard, but also laughed a lot too as she has an amazing sense of humor!”

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