Gabrielle Union Still Has Her Bring It on Cheerleading Uniform in Her Closet - and More Style Truths from the Star

The actress also shares how her closet compares to that of her husband, basketball star Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union is still just as nostalgic about her Bring It On days as you are.

The ever-stylish star sat down with PeopleStyle to talk all things fashion for our 5 Questions video series, and revealed that she’s still holding on to her iconic cheerleading uniform from the fan-loved 2000 film.

When asked what the oldest thing in her closet is, the star shared, “Probably my wedding dress and maybe my Bring It On cheerleading outfit — not that I wear it!”

Instead of holding on to everything she owns, the actress, who just released the Gabrielle Union collection at New York & Company, thrives on cleaning out her closet. “I just don’t like to keep things that no longer have any use,” she said. “I do a purge every three months. I guess I’ve watched too many episodes of Hoarders!”

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Union may keep a tight edit on her closet, but her love of fashion continues to grow. The star said personal experiences from her past (like her 2005 divorce from former football player Chris Howard) have helped her build up the courage to experiment with her outfit choices without worrying about what other people think.

“You’ve got to release fear of judgement and fear of public failure and humiliation and shame,” she shared. “What’s the worst that can happen? I fail. I get up.”

Now, the 44-year-old who’s married to NBA star Dwyane Wade has ransformed into a bonafide style icon, and she’s never afraid to play around with bold prints, colors and designs.

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“If I hadn’t done that I would still be wearing very appropriate but non-memorable little back dresses and blending into the wall,” Union told us.

Even though Union consistently posts her killer parade of outfits on Instagram, it’s actually her husband Wade that takes the crown for biggest fashion diva in their marriage.

“Not only has his closet taken over both guest room closets, he has a shoe vault. None of my shoes are in that shoe vault. Like he turned a whole extra room into a shoe museum,” Union said. “And then there’s like storage units places — I don’t even know where all his clothes are.”

In addition to designing for New York & Company, Union’s become a beauty connoisseur as well, launching her own hair care line, Flawless By Gabrielle Union this year at Ulta. The star’s all about encouraging women to embrace their natural hair texture, but she revealed she has some childhood hair regrets.

“In seventh grade I dunked my bangs in a bowl of peroxide and then sat outside,” she said. “And they were bright red for years and fried.”

What’s your favorite look Gabrielle’s worn this year? Sound off in the comments below.

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