The bride-to-be shares wedding details (and says her groom is pulling a Kanye)

Gabrielle Union may get incredibly glam for work — and she may play a ring-crazed diva in her latest film — but she assures us that she’s as far from those stereotypes as possible in her day-to-day life.

Gabrielle Union Wedding planning


“I am the girl that would just rather be at a sports bar with a cold beer,” Union, 41, tells PEOPLE at the Think Like a Man Too premiere in Hollywood. To prove that point, she shares that she’s ceded all wedding planning duties to her fiancé, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, whom she already confessed she calls “Groomzilla.” And, Union says, Wade is starting to remind her of another high profile groom with plenty of opinions about his wedding day.

“We are pretty deep [into wedding planning], and by ‘we,’ I mean he and the wedding planner,” she says. “Once he realized I was trying to turn it into a frat party with beer pong he would take over. He really ‘Kanye-d’ himself and really doubled down — I’m really just along for the ride!”

But when it comes to what she’ll be wearing for the big day, the stylish star has it totally under control. “It’s going to be a little unexpected,” she says. We bet it’s tough finding exactly the right dress to go with that monster engagement ring — and we can’t wait to see what she chooses.

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Nicole Sands