The Gorgeous Photos of the 5 Brave Stars Who Went Makeup-Free for PEOPLE's Beautiful Issue

Gabrielle Union and Brooke Shields first went barefaced for the magazine in 2008

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Gabrielle Union

Victor Demarchelier

“At first it was kind of terrifying, to be honest,” Union, 46, says. “I think sometimes we use makeup as a mask to insulate ourselves from reality. But once I kinda got comfortable and we were outside, it was the beach, and I had a bike, and I just let it ride. I thought the pictures turned out great and I had a great time that day.”

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Vanessa Hudgens

Victor Demarchelier

“When I was younger, I would literally fall asleep with makeup on,” the actress, 30, shares. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that my face is the only one I’ve got, so I have to be good to it.”

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Rebecca Romijn

Victor Demarchelier

“I always thought my mom was so beautiful growing up no matter how many lines she had on her face. I admired my mom’s laugh lines,” says Romijn, 46. “I find peace in that and hope that when my daughters look at me, they do too.”

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Minka Kelly

Victor Demarchelier

“I remind myself of how afraid I was to just be in my skin,” Kelly, 38, recalls of her first no-makeup shoot 10 years ago. “And I try my best to be mindful of that now. Because I know in five years, I’ll be like, ‘What were you so afraid of? You were fine.’ ”

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Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields. Victor Demarchelier

The mom of two had good reason for going makeup-free: “It’s important for my kids to not forget we’re as beautiful — and should be as confident — without makeup,” the 53-year-old tells PEOPLE.

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