GabiFresh is already the reigning queen of the fatkini, and now with her second collection for SwimsuitsForAll the fashion blogger has firmly cemented her royal status.

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated January 13, 2016 06:05 PM

Blogger GabiFresh, also known as Gabi Gregg, is not only responsible for giving plus-size girls a powerful voice within the fashion industry, but she also helped to popularize the term “fatkini,” encouraging women of every body type to embrace their curves. And now, the Detroit-native is taking things one step farther with the launch of her fourth collaboration with swimsuitsforall, GabiFresh for Swim Sexy, a collection that will have bikini babes of all sizes rocking a trendy two-piece this summer.

Courtesy swimsuitsforall

For her 2016 capsule collection, Gregg wanted to bring more runway-inspired patterns and cuts into the mix, especially styles previously unavailable to women above a size 14, and also expand sizes up to an H-cup as part of her all-inclusive message of swimwear empowerment. A sentiment that’s especially important to Gabi since, as she told PeopleStyle in an exclusive interview, “There’s not just one type of body that’s plus.”

The Swim Sexy collection, available now on swimsuitsforall’s website, consists of 12 new swimsuit designs, including both bikinis and one-piece options, in bold colors, a range of patterns, like lips, flamingos and leopard print, and featuring a whole slew of luxe detailing like gold hardware, zippers, sheer panels, and cut-outs, a style she notes is “very popular, but I haven’t seen done well and in a supportive way for plus sizes.” The collection also included two coordinating maxi caftans that are guaranteed to look just as good poolside as they would out on a night on the town.

Courtesy swimsuitsforall

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Gregg hopes that her collection will open up a whole new range of dressing possibilities for plus-size girls, saying, “That’s always been my goal, to just make sure that people my size also have really cute options and not just the matronly, traditional things that we’ve had in the past.”

She also believes her new collection can help women who are self-conscious about their body shape dip their toe into the two-piece pool by offering supportive, high-waisted options. And for those still trepidatious to take the plunge, she says if you start going to the beach enough you’ll begin to realize it’s not all about you and your self-perceived flaws, “People are just there to have fun with their friends. Once you realize that, it’s very freeing and liberating.”

Courtesy swimsuitsforall

Check out a handful of the super on-trend looks from the fourth GabiFresh for Swim Sexy collection below and start daydreaming about all the warm tropical locales where you could be wearing these beauties to help get you through the long, dark, frigid months ahead.

Courtesy swimsuitsforall

And if the collection itself doesn’t instantly confirm Gregg’s status as the ruler of all things swimwear, the video below should rightfully convey her Bey-level royalty status. This is a moment truly deserving of a chorus of “Yas, Queen” if ever there was one.

What do you think of GabiFresh’s new swimsuit line? Are you going to wear a two-piece to the beach this summer? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick