Gabi Gregg is featuring some of this year's biggest swimsuit trends in her new line

By Briana Draguca
January 09, 2018 08:13 AM
Swimsuits for All

Fashion blogger and designer Gabi Gregg is known as a leader of body image activism. She’s launched a size-inclusive clothing called Premme, designed a collection of affordable size-inclusive lingerie, and runs her own blog, Gabifresh, where she writes about breaking fashion norms and encouraging body positivity. But the 31-year-old is just getting started. Gregg is teaming up with Swimsuits for All to launch a collection of playful and bold swimsuits for women of all sizes.

Model Philomena Kwao and sex educator Ericka Hart join Gregg in the ad campaign for the Resort 2018 collection to model the new designs and create an image of boldness, confidence, and power. The three women are seen posing against beautiful tropical backdrops of Belize, while sporting leopard one-pieces, mesh bikini tops, sexy cut-outs, and bold metallic colors.

Swimsuits for All

And these aren’t the only photos that will show off Gregg’s newest designs. Swimsuit for All and Gabi are hosting a casting call to select nine lucky women to appear in the next photo shoot.

We chatted with Gregg to learn more about the swimsuit trends we’ll see in 2018, her new year’s resolutions and the inspiration behind the line.

What inspired your latest line for Swimsuits for All?
“I’m loving deep jewel tones and metallics, and I wanted everything to have clean lines and a certain amount of simplicity, while still making an impact. Once the collection came together, there was definitely this immediate feeling that it would work really well in a jungle setting and everything kind of came together creatively from there! Of course, I always think about fit and support so those are the foundations of everything I create.”

Swimsuits for All

What’s your favorite suit in the new collection?
“It’s really hard to choose, but I think either my leopard print one piece or my white bikini — the mesh tee over top is a play on a wet t-shirt vibe and I’m so glad we were able to translate it into swimwear.”

How do you prepare for your big swimsuit shoots – mentally and physically?
“I don’t do any physical preparation because my brand is all about embracing bodies as they are and not giving in to this idea that we have to lose weight to look and feel good in swimwear. I naturally get more and more excited as the date approaches, and I like to go over all of the creative choices being made so that we can make sure each shoot is even better than the last.”

What kind of music do you listen to on set?
“A LOT of Beyoncé.”

Swimsuits for All

What swimsuit trends are you loving for 2018?
“I love fun one pieces, super high cut legs, mesh cut outs, and shiny fabrics.”

Are there any swimsuit styles you feel are played out?
“I’m kind of over the mini geometric prints that were everywhere a few years ago. I think right now, sleek and simple is sexier.”

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How do you think the body positive conversation evolved in 2017?
“Body positivity is now a mainstream topic that everyone is talking about, and there was a lot of progress in 2017, but I think there’s definitely still room for improvement.”

What would you like to see happen in 2018?
“The next big hurdle is really pushing intersectional representation—so not just seeing bigger light-skinned hourglass bodies but also more races, darker skin colors, different body types and abilities, and on a much more consistent basis. Diversity shouldn’t need a “special issue” or a themed runway–it should just be a natural part of casting and hiring.”

Swimsuits for All

What are your new year’s resolutions?
“Drinking more water, making sure my meals are nutritious, and following through on my idea for a screenplay.”

Who do you turn to for inspiration on Instagram? Why?
“I love Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) because she’s unapologetically herself; she owns her body and sexuality, and her music is amazing!”