This Viral Full Body Charcoal Mask Video Is the Stuff of Nightmares

You'll never look at this black, peel-off mask the same way again


While face masks have long been a go-to part of every woman’s beauty arsenal, in recent years the skin treatment has decidedly been having a moment, making the move from an exclusively spa night treat to an almost daily self-care indulgence thanks to the invasion of sheet masks and their infinite Instagrammable possibilities.

But the latest viral challenge to hit YouTube casts these beloved skin perfecters in a much more nefarious light as girls all over the internet have started slathering their bodies in peel-off charcoal face masks.

Much like the Kylie Lip Challenge before it, or the even more blatantly idiotic, yet somehow viral, concept of lighting yourself on fire and jumping into a body of water, it’s probably pretty obvious that covering every square inch of your body in this often difficult-to-remove substance is a pretty bad idea. Particularly for those of us covered in a fine layer of peach fuzz.

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Regardless, beauty vloggers are fearlessly jumping aboard this unfortunate bandwagon, posting videos of themselves slathered in the charcoal goo, and the results are impossible to un-see.

The process is akin to applying sunscreen produced by the devil. Sunscreen that then dries to a rock hard shell that essentially requires you to rip off the top layer of your skin in order to remove it. While some bloggers possessing unbelievably high pain thresholds have made it through the experience relatively unscathed, others haven’t been quite so lucky. Maybe we should all stick to using the product as directed from here on out.

What do you think of this video? Is this a challenge you’d be brave enough to try? Sound off below!

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