From Baby's First Contour to Stuffed Animal Makeovers: North West Is an Aspiring Makeup Artist

The apple doesn't fall far from the glam tree

Little kids get asked what they want to be when they grow up at a higher rate than most recent college graduates. Unlike those actually entering the job force, however, children generally have a much clearer, more enthusiastic opinion on what their future holds. Now, if you had asked this question of arguably the most famous 2-year-old in the world, North West, up to yesterday the answer probably would have been Princess Elsa. But according to Kim Kardashian‘s latest Snapchat, the toddler appears to have a new vocational passion — makeup.

North West

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Considering the sheer quantity of cosmetics North is surrounded by on a daily basis, it makes sense that a fundamental understanding of contouring might run through this toddler’s veins. Not only does she see her mom put on copious amounts of the stuff everyday, but her aunt is also the sole proprietor of her very own burgeoning beauty empire, so following in her family’s entrepreneurial footsteps seems totally natural.

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First, Kim’s go-to makeup guru, Mario Dedivanovic posted this adorable shot of North to his Instagram account a month ago, writing, “When #North steals your contour palette ????? omg” And while it may look kind of messy, you have to admit, her placement in pretty on-point, and A+ for technique.

Then, on Tuesday, further evidencing North’s child prodigy-like ability to create a full glam look, Kim shared a video on Snapchat in which she bemoans the fate of her daughter’s stuffed animal, saying, “Poor, new, little kitty just got a new makeover. All North’s little makeup, she thinks she’s a makeup artist.” Meanwhile, North can be seen busily moving about in the background applying makeup to a friend in a Cinderella costume. So who wants to start taking bets on how much longer we’ll have to wait until we finally get to see North bring her cosmetic prowess to her mother’s visage?

What do you think of North West’s makeup skills? Do you think she’d make a good makeup artist?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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