She gave her fashion campaign a de-facelift over the weekend
Credit: Frances Bean Cobain/Instagram

Marc Jacobs is known for casting unconventional spokesmodels in his ad campaigns. Instead of picking from the usual high-fashion model suspects, the designer turns to individualistic celebrities including Missy Elliot, Winona Ryder, Debi Mazar and Frances Bean Cobain, the 24-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. And Frances just did something shocking that her boundary pushing parents would certainly appreciate: She graffitied her own Marc Jacobs billboard.

Her spring 2017 ad campaign (shot by David Sims) is located directly above the brand’s flagship store in L.A. and shows her modeling a babydoll dress in the brand’s signature minimalistic ad design. But over the weekend, she decided to give the photo a facelift by, well, defacing it.

According to her friend and fellow “bandit” Abreea Loren, Frances told her she wanted to “scale a building and graffiti my own billboard.” And her friends were totally on board. They painted over her face, added a sheriff’s badge sticker to the ad and spray painted the words “Witch, witch, she’s a witch” across the billboard.

In case you’re wondering how the cops weren’t called and her art wasn’t immediately removed by the brand, the Marc Jacobs team was totally in on it. They had a video edited to show off the process and even advertised the new look on social media.

Clearly, Frances got her parents’ fashionable and rebellious genes.

What do you think of her graffiti?