The Jeans That Got Us to Wear Jeans Again

Touted as the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," FRAME's new Le One Skinny is made in two sizes that stretch to fit a range of different waists. Here 8 editors test out the new denim technology — in the middle of a pandemic (brave, we know!)

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If you've been living in drawstring pants since March, you're not alone. Getting "dressed" has taken on a new meaning for many as we shift to working from home amid the ongoing pandemic. And while experts saying falling into a fashion routine can help "boost your mental health and confidence," something about sitting on the couch in athleisure sets and scrolling through TikTok tutorials just feels comforting right now.

Luckily, FRAME is here to help us all out of the 2020 sweatpants slump. On Thursday, the celeb-loved denim brand launched its new Le One Skinny available in two sizes — yes, only 2! — with the claim that the new denim stretches to accommodate a range of different waists. Size 1 fits waists 23 through 28 while Le One Skinny size 2 fits waists 29 through 34. The jeans are also available in three washes, Larsen (black), Keller (dark blue) and Caspio (light blue).

How is this "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" myth possible? Well, according to FRAME the magic fabric is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which offers "100% stretchability" and also makes for a sustainable denim choice.

So are Thanksgiving jeans about to become a thing? Will we all transform into Blake Lively if we own a pair of these $218 magic bottoms? Below eight editors test out the breakthrough denim technology and share their reviews.

we tried it frame denim
Courtesy Morgan Evans

Morgan Evans, Associate News Editor: When I first got the jeans I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure exactly IF and HOW they were going to fit. I am normally a 26/27 in denim depending on the brand and style. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised that the jeans slipped right on and over my hips (the area I'm usually concerned about and always makes the jeans shopping process difficult). I think the best part about this new FRAME style is the overall texture and feel. They are SO soft and so stretchy – the material is butter smooth which is just a winning feature in itself. After I put the jeans on just to try them on and I ended up wearing them all day – worked in them, lounged, ran errands — they're truly so comfortable and easy to wear. And while I love the feel and fit of the jeans, I do wish the waist came up a little higher. Sometimes I felt like it was a little tight around the lower stomach, where they fall, so I ended up pulling them up a bit from time to time. The crotch is a little low, but also allows for you to maneuver about – there is no stiffness. All in all, a great pair of jeans and definitely would get in every color.

diane cho in frame denim
Marcus Bowers

Diane J. Cho, Features Editor: As soon as I unboxed my pair, I got nervous. The waist looked really small and I started to regret not sizing up. The jeans are supposed to be super-stretchy and I normally teeter between a 27 and 28 waist so I slipped off my comfy sweatpants to try on my size 1's and thought, Here goes nothing. To my surprise, they actually fit and I could button them pretty easily. The part that excited me most was that they fit over my muscular legs. As a former dancer and athlete, I rarely shop for skinny jeans because they're a pain to try on and they don't always make it past my calves. These fit a lot like jeggings but with more structure, which I like. I walked around my apartment and tried the sitting test and they aced that too. Overall, it was exciting to discover a unique pair of pants that'll make shopping so much easier, especially for girls who have thicker legs like me. I hope they continue to expand this line and add straight leg jeans in the future.

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Courtesy Hanna Flanagan

Hanna Flanagan, Style & Beauty Assistant: I was cautiously optimistic when I opened my FRAME package and held up the Size 1 jeans. The waist looked TINY, but they felt pretty stretchy and high-quality. I decided to try them on right then and there because I couldn't wait to see if the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" claim held up…even though I had just eaten dinner and too much dessert (ambitious, I know). Much to my surprise, they slid on with ease and instantly cinched in my stomach! I haven't worn skinny jeans in months, but I kept these on all night because they're soft, comfortable and figure flattering.

we tried it frame denim
Courtesy Brittany Talarico

Brittany Talarico, Senior Style Editor: I'm the girl who dresses for Zooms from the waist up. Colorful sweaters, denim shirts, cute blouses have all been a part of my "WFH wardrobe," but on the bottom I'm all about anything that has elastic waist. So if you told me that I'd be slipping into a pair of skinny jeans eight months into a pandemic, I would have laughed at you. But FRAME just made the impossible feel very real. As someone who has shifted most of the stretchy denim out of my closet (pre-pandemic, of course) in favor of more rigid styles, I was skeptical about incorporating what appeared to be high-end jeggings back into my rotation. But the luxe, durable feel of the Le One skinny did not give me a jeggings vibe, and I found the sizing to be very accurate. I'm usually a size 26 and the size 1 fit like a glove with a little room to grow. (I think it's important for a brand to recognize that women's weights fluctuate.) These jeans feel more sturdy thanks to the structured waistband and pockets. I also like that they hit right at my ankle — perfect for wearing with sneakers or under a pair of higher boots. I even worked in them for a full day, with total comfortability.

we tried it frame denim
Courtesy Lindy Segal

Lindy Segal, Contributing Editor: I don't typically gravitate towards light washes (especially not stretchy light washes), but as a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants enthusiast, I owed it to myself and the sisterhood to try these jeans. There's an undeniable jegging vibe, but they feel more substantial and high quality than I expected. As a size 31, I was also concerned about feeling constricted, but they hugged — rather than squeezed — my hips and waist. All in all I'm impressed, however, I do wish the rise were an inch or two higher.

we tried it frame denim
Courtesy Lindsay Kimble

Lindsay Kimble, Senior News Editor: Jeggings are back and better than ever! I am typically between a size 28 and 29 but tend toward the latter, so I decided to go with the size 2, which was the range that started with a size 29. I, unfortunately, made the wrong choice — these are a little large on my stomach area, which makes the crotch bunch up. I'm also short, so the length on these was a bit long — a typical problem for me, but easily solved with a cute cuff. Despite the fit issues, the quality of these jeans is next level. They're soft like jeggings but the denim material is very thick, almost like a pair of non-stretch jeans. I also really love the dark blue color, it's so classic! Hopefully, after Thanksgiving dinner, these pants will fit just right over a bloated belly!

we tried it frame denim
Courtesy Kratofil

Colleen Kratofil, Style Editor: I always pick the wrong jean size. Always. I tend to think I'm a 28-29, but I have a closet full of unworn, too-tight denim that proves me wrong. So when picking an option for this FRAME one-size-fits-all try-on, I decided to go with option two (29-34). And once again, I chose the wrong size. These jeans are incredibly stretchy, so there was noticeable bagginess in the waist, the butt and knee area. But I will say while they may not fit like a glove, I've still been wearing them to run errands. The dark shade helps hide the bagginess, plus, with this extra room and stretch, it makes transitioning out of my quarantine sweatpants a little bit easier. So even though I probably could have gone with option one, I'll be able to breathe easy (literally) in my new wear-everywhere jean.

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Courtesy Kaitlyn Frey

Kaitlyn Frey, Assistant Style & Beauty Editor: One of my least favorite activities is trying on jeans, so to be completely honest, I don't really know my true denim size. The idea of FRAME's flexible sizing really intrigued me (though I'll admit I had my doubts) and I was ready to sign up for testing. Since I have worn my jeans a total of two times since quarantine began, I decided to play it safe and get the size 2. When it arrived, my first impression was that it was, quite frankly, pretty large. When I held them up to my waist, the pant dragged to the floor, so I worried they would be too long. But when I slipped them on, they magically fitted to my exact shape and landed right at my ankle. Compared to some of my other jeans, these feel very roomy in the waist but not so much that they look unflattering or baggy. Frankly, they might be the most comfortable pair of denim I own – they're a win for me!

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