By Colleen Kratofil
Updated December 09, 2016 10:15 AM

Permanent hair removal processes are usually time consuming, costly, painful and did we mention time consuming? That is, until now. The Smoothskin Gold is a device you use at home to permanently remove unwanted body and facial hair. It’s so easy to use, doesn’t take hours and hours, oh, and you can get it at a special (limited time) discounted price, right here.

Even though you may love your waxer, it’s time to break up with him or her, because there’s never been an easier way to remove hair. In fact, you can take care of your entire body in just 20 minutes with this device (try doing that at a laser hair removal center!).

The reason it takes a fraction of the time compared to laser hair removal processes is because the Smoothskin Gold uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to zap away follicles. So it targets and removes the hair right at the source.

Even though the cost is a bit pricey, it certainly will pay for itself after you cancel your waxing, throw out your razors and never have to think about shaving again.

If you’re a first time shopper receive 10 percent off, plus free shipping on orders over $50.

— Colleen Kratofil