The Florence and the Machine front woman got candid about the scents she associates with different times in her life for the latest installment of The Cut's "Scent Memories" series
Florence Welch
Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty

Florence Welch just revealed what she smells like and, well, it’s probably what you would expect from the queen of vintage fashion.

In the latest installment of The Cut’s "Scent Memories" series — where the outlet asks celebrities and prominent people in creative industries about the scents they associate with different times in their lives — the Florence and the Machine front woman, 34, admitted, “I probably smell like dusty vintage clothes and incense.”

“All my clothes are vintage, so they have that vintage-store smell, and obviously, Gucci Bloom now,” Welch (who was named the newest face of the iconic perfume in June) continued. “I think someone once said that I smell like an old church because I love woody, incense-y, sandalwood smells. I would hope I smell kind of warm, too, but I probably smell like stuffy, vintage clothes.”

During the interview, the singer also opened up about filming her Gucci Bloom campaign debut alongside Anjelica Huston, Jodie Turner-Smith and Susie Cave. "It was so amazing; everyone I got to work with was so iconic," she told The Cut. 

Florence Welch
Credit: Jamy/Barcroft Media via Getty

"Watching Anjelica Huston walk to set, I’ll never forget that. She has the most graceful walk of any human being; it’s like she glides. And just the place; this place [La Scarzuola] was insane," Welch said of the campaign, which was inspired by the French musical film Peau d'Âne. "It was an old monastery that got turned into a surrealist theater, and we wandered around being like, What the f--- did they do in here? There was definitely some weird s--- happening there … What kind of rituals? What kind of performances? I feel like there was a lot of nudity, it was very far-out; the energy of that place was one of such experimentation. It was really so special just to be there."

When asked about her character in the Gucci Bloom campaign, Welch explained, "I feel like I almost sort of become intoxicated by the scent and then go on a hallucinogenic trip into a floral underworld with the high priestess Anjelica Huston, and we all make these fragrance spells."

"But I don’t know if that’s me being a character? I feel like that might just be me. [Laughs.] It’s not very hard for me to go off into a floral underworld," she joked.

Earlier this month, Turner-Smith, 34, raved about her costars and shared her favorite memories from the fragrance campaign shoot during an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

"First of all, Anjelica [Huston] – just to meet her and get to see her personality – she’s iconic. And then Florence [Welch] is just like this angelic creature. And Susie [Cave] – to get to kind of be playing with these three other women who are just so amazing and who I admire so much, that was really great," the Queen & Slim actress said. "And then we were shooting in this beautiful, bizarre, fantastical property in Umbria. It was just like this kind of dream-like setting. It was the first time that I really got to collaborate and vibe with [Gucci designer] Alessandro [Michele]. It was just really fun.”