Remember the starlet in her TRL days?

By jencress
December 18, 2012 05:15 PM


Christina Aguilera turns 32 years old today, so in honor of her birthday we decided to look through our Aguilera archives to see how far she’s come, style-wise. And if the pictures above are any indication, even in her teens Aguilera loved to make a fashion statement.

One of Aguilera’s first public appearances was back in June of 1998 when she was just 18 (left). It was also the first time she displayed her love of over-the-top hairdos: she donned wavy twists and an all-green outfit that included a sparkly crop top, leather pants and matching eye shadow (and let’s not forget that bejeweled belly tattoo, too).

For another event in January of 1999 (center), Aguilera went for a more reserved hairstyle and a fresh face, but made sure to turn heads in an icy blue leather-like trench and — once again — a sparkly crop top.

A third TRL-era outfit we had to share? The star in a cropped pink cardigan (hmm do we spy a trend here?), gold belly chain and a pink leopard-print mini skirt, which she wore in August of 1999 (right).

So … teenage Aguilera was drawn to crop tops, bold hairstyles and body jewelry, while today’s Aguilera prefers the no-pants look, bold hairstyles and crazy hats. Now that we think about it, not that much has changed! Tell us: Do you like Aguilera’s new or old style better?

–Jennifer Cress