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Still recovering from your big New Year’s weekend? Why not settle into the couch tonight with some popcorn and Bravo’s newest reality show,
It’s a Brad, Brad World
. The series follows former Rachel Zoe protégé (and now kinda-nemesis) Brad Goreski as he takes on the world of styling solo.

We recently spoke to Goreski about his upcoming show; here’s what the ever-preppy fashionisto (and new Kate Spade New York stylist!) had to say:

1. It’s about more than just style. “My personal life and family life is a big focus,” Goreski says. “I really wanted to show people the other side of my life … the great people, my great boyfriend and my family. The different puzzle pieces that make up who I am. I hope the audience enjoys them as much as I do.”

2. He’s not sure he’ll spawn any catchphrases. Zoe has “bananas,” “lit-erally” and “I die,” so what about Goreski? “I have no idea,” he says when asked about a good one-liner. “I haven’t seen the show, so I’m not sure what comes up over and over. We say ‘freaking out’ a lot, but it’s a daily occurrence, every minute.”

3. You’re going to see him stress. “Being a boss in general was something I had to learn,” he explains. But developing the confidence necessary to be a stylist — not just an assistant — took some learning, too. “That was a major transition for me, and a theme we explore on the show,” he says.

4. Having an assistant wasn’t always easy. “Someone told me early on … if you want to succeed in business, you have to learn to delegate,” Goreski shares. “I’ve been working on the way that I do that — I can be passive-aggressive in the way I ask to have things done, so I’m trying to be more direct now.” Though it was at one time hard for Goreski to pass off tasks to his assistant, he says he’s working on giving away more responsibilities.

5. He hopes to show what really happens in the styling world. “One of the reasons I wanted to do the show [was to] show the actual process behind getting a photo shoot, getting a client … all the work that goes into it,” he says, adding that after he left Zoe, he didn’t have any clients for several months. “The show is very focused on me building my business … so I think people will really get to see how I’ve worked, how I’ve developed and that I’m still developing.”

It’s a Brad, Brad World
Monday night at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Tell us: Will you be watching?

–Kate Hogan


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