Because watching soothing, ASMR-style makeup and skincare videos is a great way to ease stress and anxiety while social distancing

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, better known as ASMR, is defined as a calm feeling usually accompanied by a tingling sensation. Triggers vary from person to person, but the most common include white noise, whispering, brushing and tapping — essentially, it explains why some of us doze off while having our hair professionally washed and combed by a stylist.

In this time of fear and uncertainty as the coronavirus continues to spread, watching an ASMR video is a great way to ease stress and anxiety. Luckily, these clips are all over the Internet (for free!) so you can take advantage of them while social distancing or self-quarantining.

One of the most relaxing ASMR categories is made up of makeup and skincare tutorials — whether intentional or non-intentional ASMR (Kylie Jenner isn’t trying to have the most soothing voice in Hollywood, it just comes naturally), we’ve rounded up the top five.

Kylie Jenner’s Everyday Makeup Look

We’ve already established that Kylie’s soft-spoken tone is incredibly calming. In fact, there are entire video compilations of the makeup mogul creating “Unintentional ASMR” that boast millions of views on YouTube. Pair her voice with the pure satisfaction of watching the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star show off her makeup skills as she goes from bare-faced to full-glam and you get this 17-minute clip — the perfect excuse to zone-out if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Kim Kardashian West Doing Her Own Makeup

…And we can’t forget about Kylie’s equally famous sister, who was also blessed with a soothing voice and visually satisfying makeup blending skills.

JadeyWadey 180’s “Complexion” Series

Influencer Jade Marie (better known as JadeyWadey 180 on social media) has a must-watch skincare series on her YouTube channel called “Complexions,” where she gives friends, family members and fellow beauty gurus luxurious facial treatments. As a licensed esthetician — with a voice that rivals Kylie Jenner’s — Jade gives viewers the relaxing sensation of a real life facial, even in the midst of self-quarantine and social distancing. Plus, her videos include beauty product recommendations and expert tips and tricks for a variety of skin types.

Jhene Aikos’ Foundation Routine

Much like Kylie, singer-songwriter Jhene Aiko’s voice and general presence evokes peace and serenity that we all need right now. In this clip, she applies a light layer of Kat Von D’s KVD Vegan Beauty True Portrait Foundation. Instead of pouncing with a beauty sponge or buffing with a makeup brush, Aiko gently taps the product in with her fingertips which makes for a very calming tutorial.

Amandla Stenberg for Fenty Beauty

In this video, Amandla Stenberg shows how to achieve a “true neutral look” using Fenty Beauty products. The actress and Fenty Beauty ambassador plays with the brand’s hydrating complexion products, Snap Shadow Palettes, Match Stix, Lip Paints and more — all while speaking in a soft whisper and tapping on the plastic packaging to create satisfying ASMR.

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