February 21, 2018 12:50 PM

Instagram has blessed the world with countless questionable beauty trends, especially when it comes to styling your brows, from the decorated Christmas Tree brows to feathered arches. And it looks like makeup gurus on social media won’t be running out of wild ways to style your brows anytime soon.

The newest bold beauty trend you may start seeing pop up on your Instagram feed are fishtail brows, inspired by one makeup blogger’s attempt to channel her inner mermaid.

@SkyzEditz, who started the trend, describes himself as the “leader of fishtail brows” in his Instagram description and has posted multiple inspiration photos along with a tutorial walking people through how to achieve the mermaid-inspired eyebrow look.

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The slit and upside down arch in the brows resembles the end of a fishtail, but the look actually doesn’t require you to completely shave your eyebrows. Instead, @SkyzEditz alters images on an app to create it.

“I was watching America’s Next Top Model and noticed Rio Summers had a slit in her eyebrow with a tiny lift and thought that was interesting, so I then went onto Photoshop and played around with Huda [Kattan]’s eyebrows, extending the shape and increasing the gap,” @SkyzEditz told PeopleStyle of his inspiration. “I then noticed the shape looks similar to a fishtail, but I was debating whether to call it fishtail or horn brows due to the edit I did of @hailey_bui looking more devil-ish then fish-like!”

If all of these daring Instagram beauty trends don’t have you splashing your tail in the surf, there are plenty of other ways you can embrace your inner mermaid through your makeup. Check out our recommendations below!

Try a Lip Topper

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Pack on an Emerald Pigment

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Experiment With a Holographic Highlight

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