Find Out Why Aaron Paul is Sporting a 'Mangy' New Look

Aaron Paul tells PEOPLE all about his new bearded look

This summer, you may have to do a double take to recognize Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul. (We never thought we’d say that, either!) The Emmy winner has dyed his hair dark brown and is growing a bushy beard for an upcoming heist thriller called Triple Nine — and we have all the scoop on his scruffy new look.

Aaron Paul Beard

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“It’s a little different and it’s fun,” Paul, 34, told PEOPLE about his facial hair at Saturday’s 7th annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Jersey City, N.J. “It’s kind of like a disguise, but it’s so weird that we can actually grow a whole bunch of hair on our face.”

That’s not all. For his complete transformation, Paul will be wearing eight inches of extensions attached to his beard and the stylists are going to “chop into the beard to make it look really mangy looking,” he said, excitedly.

Does his wife Lauren approve of his new appearance? “I think so,” he said — before turning to her to confirm. “Angel, do you like the beard?” he asked. “Yeah, I love it!” she replied. (We’ll check back in with her once the extensions are in.)

When asked if she enjoys touching his beard, Paul said, “I hope she wants to pet it!” Any other volunteers?

What do you think of Paul’s new look? Do you miss him clean-shaven? Share your thoughts below.

–Paul Chi

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