Find Out the Surprising Person Who Gives Salma Hayek Style Advice

"I don't give my husband style advice," Hayek tells InStyle

Courtesy InStyle

Salma Hayek is known for her va-va-voom red carpet moments, but it’s not her stylist she consults with before picking her showstoppers — it’s her husband.

“I don’t give my husband style advice,” Hayek tells InStyle. “He gives it to me. He has a good eye for aesthetics, for architecture, art, furniture, watches — he just has great taste.” (Her husband, of course, is François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Paris-based fashion conglomerate PPR, whose labels include YSL, Gucci and many others.)

The Savages star, who covers the magazine’s July issue, also believes in playing with clothes. “When it comes to fashion, I just go with the flow,” she reveals. “You have to work with what’s available — like your body — but sometimes it’s good to take chances.”

Hayek is known for her signature bombshell style, something she embraces. “A lot of very strong women have a signature look,” she admits. “They find a character for themselves and are very consistent with it.”

And though we’re used to seeing the actress in her curve-hugging dresses and sky-high heels, she could do without the latter. “I tell you, I suffer!” she jokes. “Sometimes I wear [heels] and I’m like ‘Oh my God, what was I thinking?!'” For more with Hayek, pick up the July issue of InStyle, on newsstands Friday.

–Jennifer Cress


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