February 09, 2007 03:13 PM

Airborne, check. Emergen-C, check. Anything that I can take in the hopes of avoiding getting sick this winter, I’ve tried. And my most recent discovery has been Inside Out lipgloss, a collaboration between ultra-cute makeup line Tarte and Borba Neutraceuticals (my addiction to their gummies is another post all together). Not only do the glosses impart non-sticky shine and a great pomegranate flavor, but they contain a range of good-for-you extracts (green tea, chamomile) and vitamins (C,E,K) to keep you going. Not making any promises of lasting good health, but no colds for me — knock on wood! The glosses come in three sheer colors — pale pink Om, hot pink Apple-a-day, and beige Liquid Sunshine — and are $21 at sephora.com. — Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

Photo: Courtesy of Tarte

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