November 07, 2014 01:30 PM

You know you’ve really made it when you have a Barbie modeled after you. So we’re thinking the powerhouse female singers of Fifth Harmony are feeling pretty good right about now. The group has followed a rapid Spice Girls-style path to superstardom. Clearly, Mattel took note and designed five dolls to reflect “the personalities and distinct style of the five group members inspired by their signature styles as worn in their new Barbie music video” (according to a press release). So how did they do? See the girls holding their Barbies below.

Courtesy Barbie

“Growing up, I considered Barbie my best friend. I took my Barbie dolls everywhere,” Lauren Jauregui told PEOPLE of the honor. “One of my favorite Barbie dolls from my childhood was the Olympic Swimmer Barbie — the one that really ‘swam.’ ”

Camila Cabello (who all you teenybopper enthusiasts will know is dating Austin Mahone) said she still can’t get use to seeing herself in Barbie form. “I am so excited looking at my doll — I have a freak-out moment every time I look at it: This is me?! Wow!”

Added Normani Kordei, “I can’t wait to have her displayed in my room — I am going to have it on my nightstand, right by my bed!”

Ally Brooke said it was very important for the girls to be involved in creating the dolls.

“We worked with the design team on all aspects of our Barbie dolls,” she shared. “My Barbie doll is definitely a reflection of me and my personality. For example I love bright colors (pink is my favorite!), the doll’s hair is spot on — it is long and has the same highlights as my own hair. My doll is so detailed, she even has my same beauty marks.”

For Dinah Jane, having her own namesake Barbie is a very nostalgic thing. “My cousin and I had play dates with her Barbie dolls all the time,” she said. “It was so much fun because we acted like it was a real life — we had our dolls in life-like scenarios: we did everything with them.”

Courtesy Barbie

Are you a fan? Collector? Then you should probably stock up on the dolls (to hang with your Spice Girl barbies). They’re available now at Justice Stores nationwide and on for $19.99. What do you think of the Barbies? Do they look like the Fifth Harmony ladies? Share your thoughts below.

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