"I thought, if we're going to make it better, let's really make it better," she tells PEOPLE

By Kate Hogan
Updated September 20, 2012 01:00 PM

Courtesy Wet n Wild

Fergie is a wife, friend, businesswoman, performer — and likes to have a different look to match each of those personas.

“I can do the fun glitters and shimmers on stage,” she tells PEOPLE. “But at the same time, I need my classic colors, too. Whoever I’m going to be on a given day, I want my makeup to fit.”

That’s why teaming up with Wet n Wild earlier this year was so smart for the star. “They’re not afraid to go for the riskier colors, take those chances,” she says. “But they also have colors that work off-stage, too. I love it; it matches my personality.”

This fall, Fergie is taking her partnership with the brand to the next level, launching her own line of eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, nail polishes, liners and more.

“This is a big deal for me and for my fans,” she shares. “It’s something we both relate to because we both love the colors and we both love the price point.”

Getting the offer to create her own line “blew me away,” the Black Eyed Peas singer says. Because of that, “we’re taking it a step further. All of the products are going to be very chic. There’s no more all-over-the-place craziness; we’re taking it up a notch.”

Look for lip colors in black-and-chrome packaging, shadow palettes that have five colors instead of the standard four and eyeliner that meets Fergie’s big requirement: it’s sweatproof. “I thought, if we’re going to make it better, let’s really make it better,” she shares.

The singer was so involved she even got to pick names for the goodies, calling on her mom and girlfriends for help. “We had so much fun with that,” she shares. “Going through each of the colors, it was like, ‘What does this mean to me? Well this reminds me of this.’ I have different stories for each one of them.”

And it was particularly exciting for her mom. “She’s a wordsmith,” Fergie shares, “so she was thrilled when one of her names was chosen to be in the bunch.”

Fergie is thrilled about the project, too, but humbled, as well. “I feel very lucky,” she says. “I know that this is a very special thing, and I don’t take it lightly.” Tell us: Will you buy beauty products from Fergie’s Wet n Wild line?

–Kate Hogan