The star talks babies, leather and Drakkar Noir

By Alex Apatoff
Updated January 31, 2014 05:58 PM

Courtesy Avon

A lot of work went into finding the perfect scent for Fergie‘s first fragrance, Outspoken. But all those months of effort couldn’t hold a candle to Fergie’s new favorite scent: Her five-month-old son, Axl.

“Nothing smells as good as my baby’s skin,” she tells PEOPLE. “I could just inhale him.” But she says that her new favorite fragrance is just about the only thing that’s different about her beauty routine. “I soften the points of my nails a little bit,” she says, but you can still expect to see her out and about in the the glam-rock mode that’s become her signature.

And that goes for her wardrobe, too. Her two most recent splurges? “A black leather Saint Laurent miniskirt with zippers, and a Givenchy leather corset,” she says. “Not your typical ‘mom wear,’ but I love it!”

Fergie had just come from a photoshoot for Outspoken, where Axl was on set — “it was a lot of fun,” she said. And all the fragrance talk had her reminiscing about certain scents from her past (which we bet more than a few of you will relate to).

“I do remember that I loved the scent of my boyfriend, [when I was a teen and] had a lot of hormones going on. He would always wear Drakkar Noir. I was so obsessed I bought it and wore it myself,” she said. “I don’t think a lot of guys are wearing it these days, but it totally brings me back [when I smell it]. I’ve stopped people before and asked if they were wearing it. Fragrance is memory. It’s definitely about nostalgic memory for each individual person.”

These days, she sticks to her Avon scents, which she sees as an “expression of who you are, like picking out your clothes,” she explains. “Black leather is Outspoken. Outspoken Intense is glitz, more sparkle. More like a power suit. If I could create fragrances in outfits that’s what they would be.”

Have you tried Fergie’s fragrance? What perfume or cologne brings you back? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff